On a Lepper TOURER saddle to Santiago de Compostela

Evert van der Meulen from Empel (Netherlands) rides more than 2.000 km to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on his Lepper TOURER saddle!

Its almost there. On the 13th of July I leave from Haarlem to Lourdes. The route I will follow is called the St. Jacobs Journey.
My complete trip goes from Haarlem to Santiago de Compostela, but just when I reach the mountains of the Pyreneeën I will change my route and keep the road to Lourdes. When I arrive in the city ‘Lourdes’, my friend Laura and 18 other Bicycle lovers from the Dutch bicycle club ‘Swolland’, will be there too on the 29th of July. The day after, 30th of July) I will pick up my route to Santiago de Compostela again.

Are you interested in the journey of Evert, please follow this link (Dutch language): https://evertvandermeulen.wordpress.com/

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